About the platform

Uniting your company's teams made simple, organized and fast

Onsite.fun gathers the best team wellness offering alongside powerful management features and 24/7 customer support, allowing companies of any size to effortlessly manage the entire team-bonding-report process in one single place. Our simple and intuitive user interface transforms creating your company team culture and wellness for both managers and administrators worldwide.

Here is a comprehensive overview of our key features:

Centralized Invoicing

Get a visual overview of all company's invoices and download them at will. All of them centralized and easily distinguishable by group, cost, and activity.

Edit your invoice profile at any time and all your next invoices will seamlessly include the new information.

Comprehensive Expense Reporting

Assign budgets to groups and control their spending. Get a visual representation of the amount of spent budget with respect to the total budget.

Assign managers responsible for requesting activity bookings to admins.

Find out how to manage and view your groups' budget:

pageGet started for AdminspageGet started for Managers

Distributed Roles

Roles enable you to distribute privileges around a company. With them, you can easily control the budget spending and who has editing privileges over company details.

You can have more than one company Admin associated with your company account

We created the following comparison to illustrate the differences in privileges between the roles:

Admin rights

Manager rights

View and download company-wide invoices

View and download their own invoices

Edit invoice settings


Manage payment methods


Add and remove people to the company


Create, edit, and view all company's groups

View their group budget reporting

Accept or decline activity bookings

Request booking an activity

Instant activity booking


Custom date & time activity request

Custom date & time activity request



Curated Offering and Concierge

We took the time to find the best activities and the most remarkable hosts. We are actively looking for new talent and thrilling activities for your team. At our current rate, we include one new activity each week.

Onsite.fun includes a concierge option. Our concierge is an open-ended application where you can specify any special request you may have or even request that we include and book one specific activity you found outside of our platform.

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