Get started for Admins

Who is this guide for? A company admin setting up for the company

We understand that introducing your team to a new unfamiliar tool can be a daunting task. Our support team is available to guide you through the process. If you haven't done so, request a demo and we will be in touch.

Find out more about how to use to its full potential:

Step 1 - Onboard your team managers

From your account, go to People.

Press on Add a person to add a manager to your company.

Then, you will have to decide what permissions will that person have. We have two roles on

  • Admin: Can view and edit everything on the company account.

  • Manager: Can only view the activities their group has booked and budget reporting of his groups.

The invited persons receive an email where they are requested to join

Step 2 - Create groups

From your account, go to Groups.

Press on Create a group to add a cost-center.

When creating a group you will assign the following values:

  • Group name

  • Manager: Choosing one of the persons added previously as the manager of this group. They'll be responsible for requesting activities for this group

  • Budget and period: Amount, in Euros (€), that is allocated per the selected period.

Step 3 - Payment methods

You can add several credit cards to your account. You will be able to select which one to use each time you are booking or accepting an activity request.

You can manage them (add new ones or remove them) by going to Payment Methods from your account.

Step 4 - Invoices and Invoice Settings

From your account, go to Invoices.

You can download all your invoices from this page or from visiting each of the activities from the My Activities page.

You can modify your invoice settings by going to Invoice Settings in your invoices tab.

Step 5 - Manage your company's team bonding, all in one place

And you're all set! Now you can start managing your team bonding in one place.

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